Mack National Sales Meeting - October 2023 – Ultra Wide Screen Proposal

Please click to view this Virtual 3-D fly-through of the ultimate in immersive meeting experiences.

GDC is here to help guide your agencies and internal creative teams to get the maximum impact for the content and production for your meeting.

...Fully Immersive, Ultra-wide Content

The advent of reliable, ultra high-resolution projection and LED has created a need, and the ability, to design new levels of branded content that immerse audiences into imagery and design. Not unlike projection mapping on a building, the sheer size of this high-res screen lends itself to the creation of virtual sets that can interact with presenters, can change on command, and create an environment that promotes your brand while entertaining and sometimes, amazing, your audience.

For Content Creation...

We are experts with the design and execution of these large-scale layouts, so working with your in-house creative team and your agency, we can integrate their concepts into ultra-wide content that will turn any meeting into a fully immersive experience. With motion, sound, and video, your product is viewed life-sized and in any environment.

Nationwide AV Equipment Rental and Production Resources

Staging Capabilities Extend to

indoor & outdoor rigging, screens and projection, audio, lighting, and crew, utilized for corporate shows, awards, music concerts, festivals, events, and more.

AV Gear, Anywhere includes

LED walls, image mapping, indoor/outdoor projection, tablets, touch screens, sound support, programmable lighting, set & production design.

Content Production Extends to

video production, interviews, animation, sound design, interactive programming for games and learning exercises, documentary production, product introductions, sizzles & teaser, and more.

Global Data Capture – A Trusted Colleague

Global Data Capture has always supplied stellar content and design for Mack with short turns and has enjoyed working and collaborating with your agencies. We are committed to continuing the relationship and look forward to advancing your vision for future events and creating new levels of branding and content creativity.