Turnkey Package Includes: GDC live e-Brochure suite, Custom branding of all screens, Add tradeshow badge scan and survey questions, iPad to any size touch screen kiosk rentals, Universal Lead Capture, Real time analytics and CRM integration.


e-Brochures presented for viewing and selecting to be included in follow up email.


View e-Brochures in the PDF browser. Navigate through all pages of each brochure.

Collect Data

When e-Brochure is selected to be emailed, lead information is captured by badge scan or manual entry.

e-Mail follow up

After submitting, a follow up email is automatically sent to the email address scanned or entered. Email text is customizable and includes links to view the e-Lit selected. Background image, From name, Subject line and reply-to address are also customizable.

Stand Options

iPad with table stand, 23” touchscreen and 46” with floor stand are some of the options.

Video Wall

Can also be used on a video wall.

Live Dashboard

Log into live dashboard to view stats and export any reports.